I realized at a very early age that I loved to tinker with all
things electrical and mechanical.  One of my earliest
achievements was when I was about 12 years old.  I wired up
a speaker in my parents’ bedroom so they could hear the hi-
fi in there.  They were thrilled!  What they didn’t know was
that, with some tricky wiring, I effectively made the speaker
act as a microphone as well, which transmitted to a portable
radio in the basement.  My brother and I could hear their
every word.  The best part was that they never found out
about it.  Another fond memory I have was when I was 14.  I
bought a Sears lawnmower, removed the engine and bolted
it onto my bicycle.  It worked flawlessly, except that the motor
ripped out the spokes on the back tire every so often.  My
motor-powered bicycle experienced several evolutions but
managed to survive until I was old enough to get a real
motorcycle.  By that time I had a job working at a real
motorcycle shop!

As natural progression would dictate, I wound up in the
automotive field as a young adult.  Stuck with it for 30 years
and owned my own shop in Lake Tahoe for a time.  
Automotive electrical repair fascinated me and I developed a
reputation for diagnosing and fixing quirky electrical
problems.  It was a good thing too.  There’s nothing more
complicated than the wiring of a Jaguar sedan and I think I
wound up working on every Jag in the Lake Tahoe area
during those years.

I also started messing around with boats m
any year ago.  I
began doing marine electrical repair in earnest while living in
the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 90’s.  Fell in love with
a woman and a boat at about the same time.  Married the
woman and bought the boat, a vintage 37-ft. Dutch-built
yawl which we sailed to Mexico in the late 90’s.  On January
1, 2000, safely tucked away in a remote anchorage in Baja,
we were blissfully unaware as to whether the digital world
had indeed come to its predicted end.  (
It hadn’t.)  Later that
year we came back as far as San Diego for a brief six-month
...and we're still here!
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